Give your project superpowers with Roadmap and JIRA.

Let your team members work where they work best. Manage dates, estimates, and track time from within JIRA. Roadmap’s browser extension makes it a seamless experience. Forecasting and tracking time is hard enough without having to toggle between apps!

Get Roadmap’s Browser Extension for JIRA

Forecast your resources & plan your future capacity.

Resource planning is a snap with Roadmap.

See around corners

Understand when and where your people are over-scheduled or have excess capacity. Get cross-portfolio views by role or individuals.

Resource Attributes

Need to find all JavaScript developers with >30 hours of capacity, next week, in your London office? Use custom resource attributes to find it fast and be a staffing wizard?

Work where you work.

Roadmap's third party integrations with GitHub, Basecamp, and JIRA make up a seamless experience, with many more SaaS integrations coming soon. Keep all of your data in one place without manually updating spreadsheets.

Visualize your business goals.

See the big picture, or how your team can “get to Friday.” Roadmap gives you that flexibility, and the details.

Your tasks, the way you like them

View tasks across your portfolio of projects. Get granular with on-the-fly pivot tables, broken down by project, resources, and due dates.


Create up-to-date snapshots of your projects and people, shared with colleagues or customers.

Keep all participants aligned.

Keep stakeholders, project leaders, and project contributors on the same page.

Multi-project gantt charts

View cross-portfolio Gantt charts of some or all projects to visually communicate to everyone the big picture.

Email notifications

Create custom email notifications that are triggered whatever’s important to you (including sending to non-Roadmap users).

Get Roadmap’s Browser Extension for JIRA

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