Time Flies

An age old battle. How to muster end of day energy to log time. We know tracking and entering time can be painful, if not monotonous. We want to make that easier.

Today, we’ve taken the beta wraps off Odometer, our companion time logger for Roadmap.

Screenshot 2015-09-29 22.58.41.png

Odometer’s mobile optimized interface was purpose-built for logging time. Now you don’t need to navigate through Roadmap’s old interface. Instead, use Odometer!

Odometer on your mobile device

We see Odometer as more than a time logger. Odometer maps out a new design and development process for us as a company. During Odometer’s development we:

  • updated our technology stack.
  • shortened the feedback cycles between design, development, and customers validation/feedback.
  • proved the flexibility of Roadmap’s new design system.

Green Fields

We love working in Odometer’s technology stack. We’ve separated the technologies that handle the interface from storage and logic. Using Ember and Roadmap’s API, we can easily structure and test our code, ensuring you have a fast, consistent experience using Odometer. This separation of concerns makes developing native applications and more advanced interfaces easier in the future.

Flat Circles

In the past, our development cycles followed traditional, outdated processes. Write large requirement docs. Design from the requirements. Send “over the fence” to development. No More!

While building Odometer, design and development worked on the same codebase, reviewing pull requests and feature stories. We tested our initial sketches and mockups with customers, getting instant feedback to incorporate into the next iteration.

The tighter design and development cycles put us in good position to begin our next adventure, re-designing Roadmap.

Roadmap’s Next Stop

We’ve begun the process of re-engineering Roadmap, focused on your daily and weekly use of Roadmap. Odometer showcases the new design language at the heart of our Next Version of Roadmap (NVR).

I’m excited to share with you a few screens from NVR’s design process.

Bringing your data into Roadmap

We addressed Roadmap’s onboarding process first, removing as much friction as possible when a person configures Roadmap. Having more team members send data into Roadmap makes your project schedules more accurate. Here, we try to make adding people to your team easier.


Putting People Front And Center

The new detail pages for team members, clients, and assets showcases the experience they bring to a project.


Find Anything

Search plays a key Role in Roadmap’s future. Quickly act on the project components important to you.


One Small Step

Odometer represents a first step towards our next version of Roadmap. Try it out, and please, tell us what you think.

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