Resource Attributes Are Key

Writing, coding, designing, or researching. Whatever our forte, we each bring something unique to a project. Whether you’re managing projects at a large organization or a small agency, finding the right person for the task is key to successful projects.

Roadmap’s Resource Attributes is one way for you to remember the ways that your team members can contribute to projects.

One customer decreased lag time between project phases 80% by better scheduling their teammates using resource attributes.

Roadmap Resource Attributes

They did this by setting resource attributes and searching ‘find by availability’. Resource attributes will allow you to select the best person for the job, regardless of if you have 5 or 100. Oh, and it’s simple to do.

A resource attribute can be anything you want (think: programming skills, office location). Our team likes to assign attributes to our developers. A helpful attribute is programming language. We find that our developers are frequently learning new, useful programming languages but sometimes it’s hard to recall what developer knows what. By assigning attributes in Roadmap you know your team – strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve.

For Example: Herbert Needs Some Help

We have an important bug to fix, but our developer, Herbert, has no available time. We’ll need to find someone new who can fix our issue. We’re looking for a developer in our London office, and they needs to know Ruby. The attributes we assigned before are location (London) and programming language (Ruby). Using ‘find by availability’ would then look like this.

Don’t have developers or a need for assigning program languages? Not a problem. Resource attributes can be anything you want – as long as you’re working smarter. That’s the Roadmap way.

Did we get you excited about resource attributes?

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