A More Detailed Look Into Your Projects

Our primary focus at Roadmap is making your life managing projects easier.

This weekend, we added more flexible “grid views” throughout the application. Projects, Resources, and Time have some great new capabilities:

Each section can support many views. Filter and group your data the way you like it, and save those views for later. You can also share those views with other members of your team.

Granular reporting of time. Get a detailed view using new Reporting Timeframes.

Layer on more resource data. Resources now support custom attributes. Track, group, and use resources with finer control.

Work Items

Updating the primary grid views gives you much more flexibility. We wanted to go a step further. We’ve added a new section called “Work Items.” Now you can view milestones, tasks and other work items across all projects.

We’re excited about the enhanced flexibility that this section gives you.

Want more details? Read all the notes from this release.

Thanks again for being a Roadmap customer.

Bill, Dave, Ben, and the entire Roadmap team.

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