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Time. Time management is the foundation of any efficient project. It’s how we determine how much effort to allot. It might even be the metric that determines how much we’re paid.

Sometimes we have too little, other times too much. But let’s be honest, we hate logging it. That’s why we created Odometer, the new stand-alone time tracker for Roadmap.

Odometer makes it easy to track time. Any time, any place (it even works on your mobile phone!). Here’s a sneak preview. Ping us if you’d like to be a beta tester.

Odometer is focused on helping you enter time.

Feeling proud of your work? Report it to your boss.

Sometimes, tracking time isn't good enough. Odometer has you covered with the ability to add work descriptions.

Close it when you’re done for the day.

Odometer 4.png

Is the project closed? Stop the clock.

Odometer 5.png

Interested in giving Odometer a spin? Let us know if you’d like to be a beta tester.

What’s down the road?

Your favorite Roadies have been hard at work compiling user suggestions and product reports to make Roadmap better, faster and more valuable – regardless of the path. In the upcoming weeks we’ll have blog series covering the following

  • Design approach
  • Technology use
  • Increased speed

Check back here from time-to-time (no pun intended) to get the behind-the-scene scoop from the Roadies, including tip of the week and more beta user opportunities. Foreshadowing alert: Do you use GitHub?

Tweet: Checkout how @ppmRoadmap is making time-tracking and reporting sweet and simple in their latest blog.

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